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Digital Mammography


WomenA mammogram is a safe low-dose 
x-ray procedure that takes pictures of the internal tissues of your breasts.  This simple exam is performed as a screening or diagnostic study to determine the possibility of irregularities within the breast, and can detect areas too small or too deep to be felt.

Windsor Radiology is proud to offer Digital Mammography with CAD (computer-aided detection), an exciting step forward in the early detection of breast cancer. Calcifications can be enhanced or magnified on the screen to aid the radiologist in interpreting whether or not the calcifications are suspicious. CAD provides a “second read” of the mammogram by a computer to support and enhance the radiologist’s interpretation.

What to expect

The mammogram will be performed by a female technologist who specializes in mammography.  You will be asked to undress from the waist up.  The technologist will position your breast and gently compress it upon the imaging plate.  You will probably have at least two pictures taken of each breast in slightly different positions.  The entire exam usually takes approximately 15 minutes.

When the exam is complete, your images will be given to a radiologist, a physician who specializes in the diagnostic interpretation of medical images.  After your images have been reviewed, your personal physician will receive a report of the findings. For your peace of mind, Windsor Radiology provides the patient with same-day results when your mammography is completed by 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday or on the next business day when your mammography is completed after 3:00pm or on the weekend.